Easy Pitching Inside 30 Yards

Do you know that your short game consists of about 60% of your score? Do you know when to pitch the ball low and when to pitch it high? … Read More

Swinging from a Side Hill Lie

Most golf courses are not built on flat land and so it is very common you will encounter a side hill lie. This is the second article of a two-part series on uneven lies. … Read More

The Down Hill Lie

It’s one thing to practice on the range when you have a perfect level lie – and another when you’re on the course faced with slopes and buried lies. … Read More

Tami’s Tips to Reading Greens

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting Natalie Gulbis, LPGA Tour Player at the LPGA Tour event at Thornberry Creek at Oneida. … Read More

Load and Explode with Your Driver

Keys to delivering power for more distance starts with a good set-up and proper weight transfer. … Read More

Do you have GAPS in your Set-Up? Part IV

This is the last article of a four-part series of the FUNdamentals of the set-up.

Your stance and ball position have a big impact on your ball flight’s trajectory and direction. … Read More

The Green Side Bunker Shot – “How to get out on the FIRST Swing”

The sand shot is very similar to the pitch shot in which you have to hinge the wrists in an upward motion in your back swing. The goal for a green side bunker shot is to get the ball out of the sand, get it on the green, then get it close to the hole. See my video on how to execute the shot. … Read More

Do you have GAPS in your Set-up? Part III

If you want to keep your balance and create power in your swing, you must have good posture. This is the third article of a four-part series of the FUNdamentals of the set-up. … Read More

Aim your Game – Do you have GAPS in Your Set-Up? Part II

Most every sport involves aiming to a target. Whether you are shooting a basket, playing billiards or stroking a putt, our eyes are vitally important to lining up. … Read More

The Frustrated Golfer: Causes & Cures

Why do golfers get so frustrated over a game of golf? Perhaps it’s because they have hit the same shot numerous times before with success and then, the next day it falls apart. … Read More