The Frustrated Golfer: Causes & Cures

One of the most common causes of golf frustration is a poor set-up.  With GAPS: Grip, aim, posture or stance, all can have a big effect on ball flight. From day-to-day our body changes ever so slightly and so can our set-up if we are not paying attention. 

I cannot stress this enough, the key to avoiding frustration is to go back to the basics of good fundamentals.

In an earlier blog post, “Do you have GAPS in your Set-Up?“, I discussed the grip and how it helps us control the club. In addition, if you have too much tension in your grip you’re bound to have tension in your forearms. This tension can cause you to pull your arms in when you really need to swing your arms out. The more you miss-hit the ball, more tension is built up, thus creating a vicious cycle, feeling helpless and frustrated. 

Once we decide in our mind to “give up”, we finally relax and usually end up hitting a good shot. 

Not only is it important to know how to set-up properly, it is even more important to know why. This will help you to remember what you are trying to accomplish. 

Secondly, become acquainted with the self-critical mind. Remove any egotistical thoughts that may be present. Begin by asking yourself the question: What is the worst thing that can happen if I hit a “bad” shot? Then catch hold of the thoughts and feelings that go through your mind when you hit the ball. Notice the difference when you contact the ball solidly and when you don’t. Re-assess and adjust accordingly and repeat the swing that produced your solid contact.

Finally, set realistic goals for your success. Contact your local PGA Professional today for a private lesson to help you through the process on how to improve your game. You will be glad you did.  

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