Private Coaching

Discover Your Edge Time to take it to the next level and accelerate the learning process with one-on-one instruction.

Practice training aids, exercise drills and Golf Pro V-1 video analysis may be used.

Additional technology with Trackman launch monitor that tracks your swing path, face angle and ball data.

North Shore County Club MEMBERS should visit North Shore Country Club to schedule a lesson.

Adult Coaching


Lesson Type  Member Non-Member
(1) 30 min. lesson   $60 $70
(1) 60 min. lesson   $115 $125
Elevate your game with multiple lessons. 
(4) 30 min. lessons  $225 $265
(4) 60 min. lessons  $435 $475

Junior (Ages 5-17) Coaching

Lesson Type  Member Non-Member
(1) 30 min. lesson  $45 $50
(1) 60 min. lesson  $85 $90
Elevate your game with multiple lessons.
(4) 30 min. lessons  $165 $185
(4) 60 min. lessons  $315 $335

Gift Certificates are available for any amount.

On-Course Coaching

The first hole is committed to the instructor observing the student’s on-course game. The second hole will consist of playing shots in different situations. The third hole will comprise of the player’s routine, course management and mental thoughts. A take home review sheet will be provided at the conclusion of the lesson. 

Lesson Type  Member Non-Member
1 Hour  $125 $145
2 Hour  $195 $225

Titleist Golf Ball Fitting

Every golfer, regardless of ability, age and gender, can benefit from going through a golf ball fitting. A Titleist golf ball properly fit to a golfer’s game will help you play better, shoot lower scores and enjoy the game even more.  


FREE fitting with the purchase of a dozen Titleist golf balls!