Private Coaching

Discover Your Edge Time to take it to the next level and accelerate the learning process with one-on-one instruction.

Practice training aids, exercise drills and Golf Pro V-1 video analysis may be used.

Additional technology with Trackman launch monitor that tracks your swing path and ball data and K-Coach available upon request.

North Shore County Club MEMBERS should visit North Shore Country Club to schedule a lesson.

Adult Coaching

Lesson Type  Member Non-Member
(1) 45 min. lesson  $70 $75
(1) 30 min. lesson  $50 $55
Elevate your game with multiple lessons.
(4) 45 min. lessons  $250 $275
(8) 45 min. lessons  $485 $525

On-Course Coaching

The first hole is committed to the instructor observing the student’s on-course game. The second hole will consist of playing shots in different situations. The third hole will comprise of the player’s routine, course management and mental thoughts. A take home review sheet will be provided at the conclusion of the lesson. 

Lesson Type  Member Non-Member
1 Hour  $100 $125
2 Hour  $150 $175

Junior (Ages 5-17) Coaching

Lesson Type  Member Non-Member
(1) 45 min. lesson  $50 $55
(1) 30 min. lesson  $40 $45
Elevate your game with multiple lessons.
(4) 30 min. lessons  $145 $165
(8) 30 min. lessons  $275 $315

Titleist Golf Ball Fitting

Every golfer, regardless of ability, age and gender, can benefit from going through a golf ball fitting. A Titleist golf ball properly fit to a golfer’s game will help you play better, shoot lower scores and enjoy the game even more.  

*Special discount on a dozen Titleist golf balls with fitting

1 Hour Session – FREE with the purchase of a dozen Titleist golf balls.