Aim your Game – Do you have GAPS in Your Set-Up? Part II

This article is the second of a four-part series covering the FUNdamentals of the set-up.  Aiming your club face is the second step, following the grip, when setting up. 

The first part of the aiming process is to pick a target for the shot at hand. Without a target in mind, you will have no way of knowing where to aim and you will have difficultly hitting a quality shot. Your target should not always be the hole itself. You may need to allow for rolling greens and bending fairways for a good angle on the approach. To make aiming easier, consider focusing on an intermediate target; a small area that is closer along the line where you want the ball to travel. 

No matter what kind of target you pick, it’s absolutely essential that you do pick one before moving on to the next step. 

There are three key alignment factors when aiming: the club face, the shoulders and the toe line. If any are out of position, most likely your ball flight will be too. 

Follow these simple steps to assure your aiming correctly every time.  Start  with your feet together while taking your grip. Next sole the club behind the ball keeping the leading edge of the club perpendicular to the target line (an imaginary line from the target to your golf ball). Take your stance by stepping with your lead foot (the foot that is closest to the target) toward the target and a slightly larger step with your trail foot away from the target. Your toe line and your shoulders should be parallel with your target line. 

One of the best ways to practice your shoulder alignment is to set-up in front of a mirror.  You may also want to use alignment sticks and tees to help you see the line and to swing down the intended target line. 

The concept of aiming is simple, however it doesn’t take much to get off track. If you stick to the basics and follow these steps of aiming your club, your shoulders and your toe line, you will have a greater chance of getting the results you so desire. 

For further assistance contact Tami Bealert, PGA Director of Instruction, North Shore County Club, Mequon, WI or email Tami at 

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