Do you have GAPS in your Set-Up? Part IV

The golf swing works from the ground up, so it is very important that you position your feet correctly. 

How you take your stance with your irons is different from your woods and driver.  

With your irons, your stance is narrow: the width between your hips and armpits. The shorter the club, the smaller the arc, and the closer your feet should be to each other (see pictures below).  This allows your body to turn within your frame and helps to avoid your hips from sliding.

How you take your stance can also have an effect on your ball position. The ball position should be just forward of your center line favoring your target side (the side of your body that is closest to the target) or your target eye. With the ball slightly forward you will have a better chance of connecting the ball at the bottom of your arc. 

When using your driver and woods you will need a wider stance with the ball location near the outer-side of  your target shoulder and between the arch and heel of your foot. With the wider stance and the ball position forward, you will establish greater stability, power and a better launch angle for more distance. 


The best way to develop a consistent routine with you stance and ball position is to start with your feet together. Next, take a small step with your target foot toward the target and flare slightly to allow for an easier follow-through. Finish by taking a larger step (depending on what club you are hitting, will determine the size of the step you take) with your trail foot away from your target. 

Try these variations – you might be surprised how much your stance width and ball position at address can influence the shots you attempt.

Tami Bealert, Director of Instruction


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