Do you have GAPS in your Set-up? Part III

GAPS is an acronym for Grip, Aim, Posture and Stance; the key FUNdamentals in the set-up.

In the featured picture, I have placed a shaft along my spine to illustrate a neutral spine for proper posture. 

There are three types of posture that golfer’s will have:  C-Posture, S-Posture and Neutral-Posture (pictures below). A neutral posture helps maintain better balance for a more efficient golf swing. 

C – Posture

S – Posture

Neutral Posture

The easiest way to check your golf posture is to have someone take a picture of you from the target line view or just stand to the side in front of a mirror. 

If you discover that you have a C-Posture or an S-Posture you can improve this by practicing with a club along your spine. Keep the grip end at your tail bone and club head above your head, then bend from the hips and soften your knees. If performed correctly, the shaft should lie flat along your spine. 

The majority of the C-Posture and S-Posture can be caused by a series of muscle imbalances and joint restrictions that are developed over a number of years. 

With correctional exercises, yoga, stretching or physical therapy, you can improve your posture or at the very least prevent it from getting worse.

For more information or assistance on how to improve your posture or your golf game contact Tami Bealert, PGA Professional.

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