Chipping FUNdamentals

Why do so many golfers struggle with their chipping around the green? They have poor fundamentals and or they are using the wrong club. … Read More

May Group Lessons for All Ages

Learning in groups can be more fun especially when you bring a friend or family member. … Read More

The Benefits of Indoor Training

First, you have the most perfect conditions. No wind or rain and level ground every time! … Read More

TPI Golf Assessment

I ask lots of questions: 1) What do they want to accomplish?  2) What have they been working on?  3) What swing thoughts do they have?  4) Most importantly, have they had any previous injuries or surgeries? … Read More

Golfer’s New Year Resolutions

Each year we start out with great intentions of sticking to our goals, and then by February or so, it all falls apart. Why is that? … Read More

Fire Your Glutes

The pelvis and the glutes work together to create power in the swing. Strong glutes help to stabilize the pelvis in the set-up and as the golfer rotates into the back swing and follow through. … Read More