Chipping FUNdamentals

This past week I have been working with young golfers on chipping.  Some of them have played golf for 2-3 years, however when I asked them what club they used for chipping most of them said they use only their pitching wedge.  I went on to explain that by using a 7 or an 8 iron, it’s easier to carry the ball a short distance with greater success then to fly the ball to the target. 

Once they understood the concept and applied the method, not only did they find it easier to chip, they immediately saw improvement to their chipping.

Follow these simple steps to improve your chipping:

  • First, set-up as if you were putting by gripping lower on the grip handle using your putting grip.  
  • Second, open your stance by stepping forward with your target foot towards the target. This will position the ball back in your stance.
  • Begin your stroke by rocking your shoulders in an upward and downward motion parallel to the target line.  
  • HINT: Avoid using your wrists.  To reinforce this, place an alignment stick underneath the  target armpit. Begin your stroke by rocking your shoulders up and down to create a pendulum type motion (“Y” motion) formed by your arms and the club. See pictures below.
At first this may feel awkward, but with some practice you will become more comfortable and consistent with your chipping. 




Tami Bealert, Director of Instruction


Cell: 734-731-0238