Balance your Body, Balance your Swing

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Strengthen your Core to Lower your Score

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The Benefits of Yoga for Golfers

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The rotary motion golf swing

The pelvis and the hips work like a rotary motion. … Read More

Engage your core for more power

The proper rotation of your shoulders in your back swing is key to delivering more power in your forward swing. … Read More

Good course management will save you strokes

The average golfer wastes 5-7 shots per round due to poor course management. Managing your game is just as important as executing your shot. … Read More

Why do I Keep Slicing?

The most common errant shot for the average golfer is slicing the ball.

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How to Stop Topping the Ball

One of the most frustrating shots in golf is topping the ball. … Read More

How to Pitch the Ball High

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Easy Pitching Inside 30 Yards

Do you know that your short game consists of about 60% of your score? Do you know when to pitch the ball low and when to pitch it high? … Read More