Golfing in Cold Weather – Tips to keeping warm

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from playing golf. … Read More

Golf Specials | Trackman Simulator

The holidays are soon approaching and this is the best time of year (if you live in the mid-west) to be golfing indoors with friends and family utilizing a golf simulator.  … Read More

The Benefits of Indoor Golf Lessons and Programs

The colder weather has arrived, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop golfing. If you want to keep your game sharp or make improvements to your swing over the winter, keep your golf bag handy and consider signing up for a lesson or play with the pro utilizing an indoor golf simulator. … Read More

Balance your Body, Balance your Swing

Recently I scheduled a fitness assessment with personal trainer, Andrew Hoppert, who specializes in muscle activation techniques. … Read More

Strengthen your Core to Lower your Score

One of my favorite golf exercises is the bird dog. This pose is excellent for improving your core strength, balance and coordination. … Read More

The Benefits of Yoga for Golfers

The golf swing is a complex movement. Not having a solid foundation makes it exponentially more difficult. … Read More

The rotary motion golf swing

The pelvis and the hips work like a rotary motion. … Read More

Engage your core for more power

The proper rotation of your shoulders in your back swing is key to delivering more power in your forward swing. … Read More

Good course management will save you strokes

The average golfer wastes 5-7 shots per round due to poor course management. Managing your game is just as important as executing your shot. … Read More

Why do I Keep Slicing?

The most common errant shot for the average golfer is slicing the ball.

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