The rotary motion golf swing

The pelvis and the hips work like a rotary motion. 

The hips provide the greatest amount of power in the golf swing. Here are the three key functions that hips can provide.  

  1. Regulate speed in the swing
  2. Generate power
  3. Initiate forward motion

How do you create or feel this rotary motion in the golf swing?  

Practice this. Stand on one leg and bring the other foot back. Use a club or wall to help maintain your balance. With the standing foot, pivot the pelvis back and forth without moving the upper body. Next rotate the shoulders going back then allow your trail hip (right hip for a right-handed player) to pivot over the right heel. Try to rotate the hips approximately 45 degrees. Repeat with the other leg and pivot the left hip over the left heel.  Notice how my standing leg straightens as the left hip rotates back over my heel. 


Try the same thing in your golf position posture. When performing this exercise, focus on rotating the hip over the adjacent back heel of the standing foot.  

Not only will you gain more power, you will reduce the chance of swaying the hips, thus resulting in better contact. 

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