Golfing in Cold Weather – Tips to keeping warm

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from playing golf.

If you wear water repellent and warm breathable clothing and if you keep your expectations to a minimum, you will have a more enjoyable experience.

Back in the day when I was playing on the Women’s Golf Team at Minnesota State University, Mankato, our team was playing a match while it was snowing.

Though we wore caps and gloves, we didn’t have the right fabrics and attire to keep us completely warm and dry.  The snowflakes soaked through our light-weight windbreakers and polyester sweaters which made for a very wet and uncomfortable round of golf.

Today outerwear fabrics for colder weather are more functional and sophisticated.  

For example, Primaloft offers high-performing insulation with recycled content and is great for braving the elements. It provides warmth without bulk, is water resistant, and is super soft.  Synthetic fabrics such as Polypropylene and Thinsulate,  both help to wick moisture away and insulate even when wet. 

Most importantly, in order to control your body’s temperature, it is best to dress in multi-layers with the proper fabrics.

To keep your hands warm, bring a pair of  “Hot Hands” and wear hand mitts over your gloves between shots so you will have better control of your grip. You may also want to carry your ball in your mitt between holes to keep it warm.  A cold ball can lose up to 5 yards of distance. 

If you choose to take a cart, be sure you install a cart cover and secure a small heater on the floor positioned between the driver and the passenger. Not only will you stay warmer between shots, the heater will help to keep your toes warm too.

Finally, to add to the fun, don’t forget to bring your favorite hot beverage and a few snacks. 

If you find that it’s just too cold to golf, it’s o.k. to quit and play indoors at North Shore’s Trackman Simulator (available for members at North Shore CC and guests of members).  There, you will have many courses from around the world to choose from without worrying about the elements. 

NOTE: Most all of the products listed may be purchased at North Shore CC, Golf Pro Shop, Mequon.  

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