Putting Indoor Benefits – Practice Drills to Build your Confidence

Practicing putting indoors can be very beneficial for building confidence in your putting stroke and lowering your score.

When practicing indoors, you have perfect conditions, no wind or rain, and a flat surface (in most cases).  There is no guessing about a slope causing the ball to break one way or another.  

All you need is a piece of artificial short grass or carpet (non-sculptured or shag) to putt on.  You can use a variety of targets such as a plastic cup laid on its side, another ball or place tees upside down. 

Once you have prepared an area for putting, you can begin to practice exercises for improving your set-up and your stroke. 

In the picture below you can see that I have lifted my putter vertically from the ball position so the grip end is right at the bridge of my nose.  This confirms that my eyes are over the ball at address.

With my eyes positioned over the ball, I have a greater chance of accurately aligning my putter face and sweet spot to the target,

thus providing straighter putts.

Notice how I have used two alignment sticks to help me line-up a straight putt.  The goal is to avoid hitting the sticks as you make your stroke back and forth.  In addition, I have placed three tees for determining how far I need to bring my putter back (one-third the distance back from the ball) and how far through (two-thirds the distance in front of the ball) I need to stroke it toward the target.  

Finally, in order to keep my lower body stable, I have placed my backside up against the wall.  This provides me immediate feedback if my hips begin to move. It also helps to make it easier to rock my shoulders on a straighter path.  

Try these simple putting exercises ten times each and from various distances (using a yardstick or tape measure). Track your performance after each session so you can assess your progress. 

If you take the time to practice these simple drills, you will be better prepared, and you will have more confidence and reap the benefits of your practice on the greens this spring. 

For further help with your putting, contact Tami Bealert, Director of Instruction. 

Tami Bealert, Director of Instruction

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