Golfer’s Self Evaluation

January is a great time of year to evaluate your golf game and set some goals.

There is a lot of hype this time of year about making significant changes. When it comes to golf, or any activity for that matter, the key is to make a change that is reasonable and sustainable. 

Ask yourself these four questions. 

 1) Was I satisfied with my overall performance last year?  2) What area(s) of my game do I struggle?  3) What steps do I need to take to make improvements? 4) How much time am I willing to spend each week to make the adjustments?   

Once you have answered those questions you will have a better idea where to begin. 

None of this has to be rocket science, so set your goal(s)  small and then build-up from there. 

Example, spend 10-20 minutes, 1-3 times a week practicing your putting or your swing drills in front of a mirror. It’s all about establishing a routine that you can build on over time.  

Finally, schedule a lesson with your PGA Golf Professional and share your goals. Not only will you receive the best coaching and encouragement, you will more likely stay motivated and reach your goals. 

To schedule your lesson contact Tami Bealert, PGA Director of Instruction. 


Tami Bealert, Director of Instruction


Cell: 734-731-0238