How to Pitch the Ball High

This article is the second article of a two-part series on pitching. 

In order to pitch the ball high you will need to use a two-lever pitch shot. First, it is important to know what is a two-lever pitch shot, when do you use it and how do you execute it?

A two-lever pitch shot is a swinging motion that is used when you are approximately 10-75 yards from the green. The shot is used with a PW, SW, UW or LW when you want the ball to carry very high to an elevated green, over a bunker or water then land softly with little roll.

How do you execute a two-lever pitch shot?

1) Select a club with enough loft that will carry the ball high into the air, will land on the green and will roll to the hole.

2) Set-up with a narrow and open stance with 60% of your weight on your target foot (left side for a right-handed golfer and right side for a left-handed player) and the ball position forward of center.

3) Use a medium amount of grip pressure using your full swing grip with arms relaxed. 

4) Turn your shoulders back and hinge your wrist up so your thumbs point up to the sky. Make a three-quarter swing to create an “L” position that is formed with your left arm (for a right handed player) and club.

5) On your forward swing, rotate your hips toward the target and then turn your upper body through. Finish with your navel or belt buckle facing the target.

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