Do you have GAPS in your Set-up?

Whether you are new to the game or you have been playing golf for a long time, your grip has a direct effect on how you swing the club. 

The function of the grip is to control the club. In a sound grip, you want to hold the club in the fingers at a 45-degree angle with the palms of your hands facing each other. This will allow the wrists to hinge in an upward and downward motion in order to provide leverage with the club. When you have leverage you have more control to create more speed in the swing. 

Follow these four steps:

1) Start with your lead hand in picture 1 & 2 below (the hand that is closest to the target, left hand for a right-handed player and right hand for a left-handed player) fingers close together near the end of the handle at a 45-degree angle. The heel pad should rest on top of the grip handle with the thumb pointing slightly away from the target on the top of the grip.

2) Add your other hand, featured picture and picture 3 below, (trail hand that is furthest from the target) so that the grip touches the middle joints of your two middle fingers. The trail hand lifeline fits over your lead hand thumb. 

3) Be sure your hands are close together and there are no gaps between the fingers, except for the trail hand index finger. This will allow your hands to work compatibly so one hand does not override the other. 

4) Your grip pressure should be firm with your last three fingers of your lead hand, while your thumb and index finger pressure are slightly softer. The trail hand pressure should be consistent with that of the lead hand except with less pressure in the thumb and index finger. 

Follow these four steps by placing your hands on the club the same way every time. Not only will your shots be more consistent, but you will begin to hit the ball straighter and farther. 

Tami Bealert, Director of Instruction


Cell: 734-731-0238